What are Serious Learning Games?

A serious learning game is typically an online application that makes use of the mechanisms of video games to communicate specific information (knowledge) that helps introduce relevant concepts and the application of those concepts to solve problems.

Serious (learning) games differ from classical video games in that their primary objective is not entertainment but effective learning.

Where to use BrightGame

At school

Create games that reinforce experiential learning using scenario’s

At work

Capture best practice and retain practical tacit knowledge in your business

At your consultancy

Share your expertise and demonstrate value in an interactive and engaging way

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Why apply a new

  • We need to support knowledge retention in business.  Procedure manuals are boring and slides are dull. 
  • We need to enhance knowledge transfer and sharing of best practice.  Coaching and work shadowing are not practically available to all.
  • Our ‘most effective people’ are hard to retain.  We have more transient and ageing workforce. 
  • How do we capture ‘best practice’ approaches to work and how to best achieve success?
  • We need to create flexible processes for ‘agile knowledge capture’ as practices change.
  • We need better means to rapidly share and engage broader workforce in learning. 
  • Our learners and employees expect gamification as part of training.  Gamification is part of everyday life.
  • Serious games are proven to enhance learning retention.
  • Games improve the experience of learning.  Learning games by their nature are interactive and offer immediate feedback.
  • Playing learning games can stimulate adaptive thinking and improve self-esteem.
  • Shared gameplay creates team bonds and supports the development of learning community.
  • Insight from learning games can be applied in the real world.
  • Digital games are part of everyday life and are increasingly expected as part of contemporary training and development experience.
  • The system makes it so simple to capture operational knowledge, we can bring gamification to front-line management and team leaders!
  • The creation process removes the need for game design expertise…creators follow eight simple steps.
  • The approach radically reduces the time and cost involved in learning game creation.
  • There is no need for high-cost software.  Games are easy to create and deploy broadly.  They do not require additional headgear or equipment.
  • BrightGame supports collaboration in game creation.  Invite contributors and manage their participation.
  • Manage visibility and sharing of your games through the game management view.
  • Integrate cohort management and reporting through the results hub.
  • Games can be easily deployed via a range of approaches to match your learning management needs.
  • Deploy your games on web and mobile devices.
  • Deploy your games in a range of play formats including solo, team, 1vs1 and team versus team formats.
  • Results can be easily shared for individual players and cohorts for different games and scenario’s played. 
  • BrightGame integrates with existing learning management systems.
  • We can help you create custom game design elements, including colour schemes, game artefacts, and board designs.
  • We can coach you and provide training regards use of BrightGame.
  • We can support and even lead on the delivery of your game creation projects.
  • The team supports special initiatives such as joint research and brand affinity projects.

A multi purpose process

Application focus

The game process itself is relevant wherever there is a process and a critical or preferred path. This relates to almost any real world situation. 

The game process has been used in capturing best practice in software sales through to developing innovation projects.

‘Theory of constraints’

Just as in the real world, BrightGame helps you consider a process and optional actions given limited time, money, resources and people

Your games are designed to emulate real world problems and constrains, and are played in real time.

Scenario based learning

BrightGame captures information on practical real world scenario’s often picked by gameplay participants or pre-selected by game sponsors.

 Players choose how to move forward and successfully achieve desired outcomes in the context of different scenario’s.